• Jeannie Mai

    Celebrity Advocate

  • Cecilia Flores-Oebanda

    Movement Leader

  • Rescue Guy

    The Rescue Guy – an ex-military man who risks his life daily and needs to preserve his anonymity – leads a private, U.S.-based rescue team, which operates domestically and abroad, and has liberated thousands of victims over the past decade. Their current case involves thousands of abused girls and boys and hundreds of male and […]

  • Dr. Ben Wright

    Dr. Ben Wright is a noted historian, whose passion lies in the understanding of how faith and race have affected slavery and social injustice throughout America’s past. His research on slavery has created the unique opportunity for him to be involved in the movement to end modern slavery, firmly believing that if we look at […]

  • Lotta Sylwander

    Lotta Sylwander is responsible for all activities under the Government of Philippines – UNICEF Country Program of Cooperation, one of the primary efforts there focused on the survival and protection of children and women and their participation in national development efforts. To protect children from exploitation, risk factors such as poverty and discrimination need to […]

  • Eruviel Avíla Villegas

    Eruviel Ávila Villegas is a Mexican politician the current Governor of the State of Mexico (2011-2017). During his administration, Ávila Villegas highlighted the need to aggressively fight human trafficking by implementing a major shut down of 1,700 illicit businesses which were identified as potential sources of human trafficking in the State of Mexico. Ávila Villegas […]