Host a Screening


Expand the movement to end sex-trafficking by educating your community.

By hosting a screening, you will inform and impact your community, prevent and reduce global sex-trafficking, and help change societal norms and thinking that permit sex-trafficking to exist.

The license fee will be waived for a single screening of the Stopping Traffic film for education centers (high schools, colleges, universities), non-profit organizations, government agencies, and law-enforcement.

Screenings must take place after October 2017.

Complete the request form below.

  • *There is no speaking fee for your event; however, we ask that travel expenses (airfare, hotel, transportation) are provided.


What does it mean to "Host a Screening?"

Hosting a screening means that you will organize an event for your community to watch and experience the Stopping Traffic film.

As the host, you decide when and where the event takes place and the team to help you put it together. A screening can be for a small group of individual or a large conference. There are no minimum requirements.

We will provide you with a copy of the film (in either digital or dvd format), a screening guide, and basic marketing materials.

What fees are involved to host a screening?

The vision behind the Stopping Traffic film has always been to provide and distribute the documentary at no cost to colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, anti-trafficking groups, and government agencies at no cost. There are no license fees to screen the film if you represent one of these groups; however, it is your responsibility to cover any and all costs associated with hosting a screening (ie. marketing and venue rental).

If you do not represent these types of organizations and would like to screen the film, the one-time screening license fee is $250.

License fees received help the film’s distribution and marketing efforts.

Can the screening be used as a fundraiser?

Admission fees can only be charged for theatrical releases to help cover theatre rental fees.

If you represent a student group or trafficking awareness group, non-profit organization, college, university, faith-based community center, or government agency, you are welcome to use this film as a fundraiser for your anti-trafficking cause and project.

We encourage you to donate some of the funds raised to a shelter in your state or country. For these types of organizations, donations are accepted for admission.

If the Stopping Traffic film is used for fundraising efforts, please consider donating 3-5% of funds raised back to our non-profit organization, so that we can continue distributing the film at no cost to others. This is in the spirit of Pay-It-Forward.

Can someone from the film attend our screening?

YES! If the director, producer, cast or member of the production team is available, they will be happy to introduce the film, speak about the project, and lead a Q&A afterward.

If you would like a specific speaker from the film, provide their name in the comment’s section of the request form. We will be happy to check their availability for you.

Though there is no speaking fee, we do ask that travel expenses are covered (round trip airfare, transportation, and hotel).

After I complete the request form, what's next?

Once we review and approve your request, we will send you a license contract to be completed. This contract grants you permission to screen the film one-time, on the date/time given, and at the location mentioned.

After you sign the contract, you will receive the screening materials at least 2-3 weeks in advance of your Stopping Traffic screening. If there is an immediate need for a screening, email us at so that we can expedite the process.

Questions about hosting a screening? Email