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Become a movement leader. Host a screening to inform & impact your community, prevent & reduce global sex-trafficking, and help change societal norms & thinking that permit sex-trafficking to exist.

Screenings can be hosted any time, any where!

For questions regarding screenings, email

  • *An honorarium fee and travel & transportation fees must be covered by the host of the event.



What does it mean to "Host a Screening?"

Hosting a screening means that you will organize an event for your community to watch and experience the Stopping Traffic film.

As the host, you decide when and where the event takes place and the team to help you put it together. A screening can be for a small group of individual or a large conference. There are no minimum requirements.

We will provide you with a copy of the film (in either digital or dvd format), a screening guide, and basic marketing materials.

Can someone from the film attend our screening?

YES! If the director, producer, cast or member of the production team is available, they will be happy to introduce the film, speak about the project, and lead a Q&A afterward.

There is an appearance fee and travel expenses must be covered (round trip airfare, transportation, and hotel) for each speaker.

We can also arrange to have a spanish speaking panel at your event.

Contact for appearance/travel fees.

After I complete the request form, what's next?

You will be contacted by our team that handles screening requests. To reach out to them directly, email and mention STOPPING TRAFFIC.