Dr. Ben Wright is a noted historian, whose passion lies in the understanding of how faith and race have affected slavery and social injustice throughout America’s past. His research on slavery has created the unique opportunity for him to be involved in the movement to end modern slavery, firmly believing that if we look at our past and understand how these social injustices survived, we can adapt this information to today’s human and sex-trafficking industries to bring forth effective solutions.

Currently a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, he urges his students to find lasting solutions, rather than resolving through violence. He is a co-editor of American Yawp, an online and free history textbook, collaboratively written by hundreds of historians; and serves as a Sojourner Truth Fellow of Historians Against Slavery, where he helps direct a national network of college students working to end modern slavery called The Free Project.




Connect with Dr. Wright

Website: DrBenWright.com
Email: bgw@utdallas.edu
Twitter: @benjamingwright