A sexual abuse and trafficking survivor himself, Dr. John A. King is an author, poet, long-time activist and founder of the Give Them a Voice Foundation in Grapevine, Texas, which he launched in 2015 to provide advocacy, support, resources and rescue for those who have been sexually abused or trafficked.

In 2008, King experienced a complete recall of suppressed memories from more than a decade of sexual abuse and exploitation by his parents and their friends. Determined not to be seen as simply a victim of exploitation, he put himself through re-learning the leadership principles he had taught to others for years.

A dynamic speaker, King uses his personal experience to connect with the many people who have suffered abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and exploitation recovery.

He recently wrote a book, #DealWithIt to share his personal story of recovery from sexual abuse and PTSD.



Connect with Dr. King:

Website: http://drjohnaking.com
Instagram: @drjohnaking
Twitter: @drjohnaking
Facebook: /drjohnaking